Xcitme® Partnership Program

Xcitme® Partnership Program introduction:

As much as any company we understand the key to our long-term success lies with the satisfaction of our customers. Long before this ever happens, we recognize that our future prosperity lies in the quality of the relationships we establish with our Promotional partners. That being said it is our opinion that all too often resellers are not fairly compensated by suppliers for their brand promotional contributions due to the antiquated sales models that currently exists. For this reason, we have decided to rewrite the status quo by creating the Xcitme Partnership Program (XPP). The XPP incorporates a fresh approach to creating a “true” working partnership which provides a reciprocating compensation for all our partners.

The traditional sales model:

In the majority of cases a consumer’s first-time purchase of a particular brand is through a promotional channel that is not initiated by the manufacturer. To obtain a sale considerable time and energy is required in order to educate the consumer in order to generate the purchase. In this respect once a customer acquires a liking for a particular brand it is easy for a customer to buy direct from the manufacture. If the person does happen to buy direct the promoter, who did all the initial work to educate the customer on the brand in the first place, does not earn any compensation. The Xcitme Partnership Program is about to create a paradigm shift in this antiquated business model.

How XPP works:

The Xcitme Partnership Program compensates our associates for all the purchases their customers make directly through the Company website. The Company will pay up to 25% on every sale and award commission for the lifespan of that customer. It works like this.

All select Xcitme products that are purchased by our members contain a VIP gift card inside. This gift card provides a valuable offer for the customer if they register as a VIP member. On each card is a unique identification code (UIC). When the customer goes to the Company website to collect, they have to registers as a VIP member and enter the UIC. This code then generates a Customer ID inside the system and encodes that customer to the XPP member. (We also have a mandatory field the requires the customer tell us where they bought the product so we have a double confirmation process). Also, all online sales are tracked through a unique URL that is used by all our associates who promote the Xcitme brand. All future purchases that originate through the company website by that customer will earn the XPP member up to 25% commission for each sale. Not only will we pay our XPP members for that customer but we will also pay them for any subsequent customers that customer refers. This payment arrangement continues into perpetuity as long as the XPP associate continues to support and promote the Xcitme Brand of products.

Xcitme® Partnership Program Highlights:

1. XPP members earn up to 25% retail commissions from customers who buy direct from Xcitme.com.
2. Web based portal to access customer tracking system, commissions, digital assets and other information for XPP associates.
3. Xcitme will send payment and full accounting to XPP associates every 30 days.
4. Partners earn commission on each customer for life.
5. Partners earn commission on each customer referral for life.
6. XPP associates can freely promote Company products without fearing loss of income opportunity.
7. Collaboration between the Company and XPP associates build strong customer relationships that increase revenue for all parties.
8. Unique URL for all XPP associates. (365-day Cookie tracking).
9. The Company will directly handle all customer service needs.
10. The Company will directly handle all related warranty issues.

The X-Team